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Rate changes for LightTube Television service were proposed at the Tullahoma Utilities Authority’s regular meeting last week.

Right now, LightTube currently charges $79.95 per month for the expanded basic tier of video services. This rate was established in January 2018 and was guaranteed until July 2019, and later extended to January 2020.

President Brian Skelton met with TUA’s rate committee including Chairman Steve Cope and Mike Stanton, on Nov. 18 to discuss expanded basic rate options. Staff and the committee brought forth a recommendation to the board to consider and expanded basic video increase of $10 per month, going from $79.95 to $89.95. They suggested that there be no rate increase for the limited basic package at $29.95.

The rate committee unanimously approved the proposal on Nov. 18 and brought to the board the following week during the regular meeting on Nov. 26.

The board passed the proposal unanimously, with the prices guaranteed until January 2021 with no contract required.

“Wholesale video programming costs are going up rapidly, so rate increases on the video side cannot be avoided,” Skelton said. “However, LightTube continues to work to keep these rate increases as low as possible.

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