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Michael Hollingsworth has supported the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center for years. He has donated to the center in honor of his parents, Carolyn and Mickey Hollingsworth. Pictured from left are Carolyn and Michael Hollingsworth and Ivy Petty, chair of CAC board.

Michael Hollingsworth has supported the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center for years. He recently made a generous donation, and the CAC will dedicate a room to his mother and late father.

“I grew up in Manchester, not far from where we are standing now [the Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center], near Old Stone Fort park,” Hollingsworth said. “I grew up [in Manchester], went to St. Andrews-Sewanee High School on the mountain.”

He now lives in Atlanta, where he’s been a practicing corporate lawyer for 23 years.

“I started giving to Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center about five years ago in memory of my father, Mickey Hollingsworth, who died 21 years ago. This year, I decided to give a gift in honor and memory of my parents Carolyn and Mickey Hollingsworth.

“My mother is fortunately still with us, and I wanted to do something while she’s still alive to honor her.”

Hollingsworth met with CAC Executive Director Joyce Prusak and decided to dedicate one of the rooms at the center to honor his parents.

“So Joyce and I decided to dedicate the children’s playroom, where the children wait for their appointment, in honor and memory of my parents,” Hollingsworth said. “My dad and mom were always very generous with the children of Coffee County when they were in business. My dad was a coach at the Little League for many years and always was involved with children in Coffee County. I knew this will be something meaningful for him. My parents would certainly be supportive of any organization that’s helping children the way Coffee County Children’s Advocacy Center is. That’s why I chose it.”

Prusak expressed appreciation, saying that the center continues to help children who are victims of abuse thanks to donations such as this.

“Michael has been a supporter of the CAC for years and when he approached me about wanting to gift his mother a room at the CAC dedicated to her and his late father, we really wanted to make that a reality,” Prusak said. “As I told his mom, this is the kind of gift that will continue to have an impact for years to come. What amazes me is that even though Michael doesn’t live in Manchester any longer, he is truly committed to helping his hometown and the children that now call this area home. I truly find that inspiring.”