A representative for a landowner in Summitville has asked the county for a zoning change for property near Willowbrook Golf Club that would allow for a car lot to be placed on the corner of Pete Sain Road and Highway 55.

During the Sept. 28 meeting of the Planning Commission, a representative for the owner of the single acre lot requested rezoning of the property from C-1 to C-2, a designation that would allow for the car lot.

Planning approved the recommendation for the change. A public hearing will need to be held before the full commission can vote on the proposed change. The developer’s site plan has not yet been submitted. 

According to county property records, Murfreesboro’s Hammad Tareq and Abdallah Hammad purchased the property Aug. 3, 2021, from Keith Nash, trustee for the Mayor Roy Worthington estate, listed at the former Arrowhead Museum, 24 Campground Rd. Northcutt & Associates Land Surveying represented the current landowners in the request for the zoning change.  

Gossburg Shire coming to Beech Grove

The commission also approved a preliminary subdivision plan on Gossburg Road, just this side of the Cannon County line. The hilly plat of 47 acres will be divided into five acre tracts.

Because of the terrain, access roads required adjustments to meet county road grade specifications. The terrain also makes water flow difficult.

“This does not comply with Coffee County Fire protection,” Nicholas Northcutt said, “so there has to be 50-foot setbacks around the whole thing.”

Waterlines in places with steep terrain can have high pressure in the line, creating in places over 200 psi, which requires pressure regulators to lower it to manageable levels. These cut flow levels in the process.  The mains that will serve the subdivision are four-inch lines.

“There is no way to be able to put in a hydrant and meet standards,” Northcutt said.

The homes will be basement residences reminiscent of Gatlinburg cabins.

Owners of the plat are listed as CMJ Developments, Inc.

Commission recommends zoning for asphalt plant

The planning commission then approved a recommendation to go before the full commission for a vote, to change the zoning resolution’s restrictions on where asphalt plants can be located in the county. If approved, the change would pave the way for Rogers Group to make a request to move its asphalt plant from Hillsboro to a site in the Interstate Industrial Park.

Chairman of the Planning Commission Steve Cunningham said that request would be for an amendment for the M-1 zoning.

“We decided as a group that we would not put this under permitted uses, that we would put it in the M-1 under special exception,” Cunningham said, referring to a previous work session discussion.

The question before planning is whether to recommend amending the county zoning resolution to include asphalt plants as an allowed use in M-1 or whether to require a special exception for that use.

“Do it as a special exception…gives us a little more control over whether someone else can build one,” Cunningham said.

A recommendation for a change in the zoning resolution will have to go before the full commission. Then a request for a special exception would have to go before the board of zoning appeals for approval. The matter would return to planning for site plan approval.

The commission passed 5-1 with Commissioner David Orrick voting nay.

The proposed location of the plant is property owned by Southern Waste located at the end of Volunteer Court. Southern Waste is jointly owned by Southern Central Waste Services of McMinnville and CFC Recycling of Tullahoma.