The City of Manchester has filed an answer to the amended complaint from the county that asks to be held harmless for tax revenue from Bonnaroo, monies the suit said could amount to nearly $1 million annually.

The 22-page response offered 10 defenses, ranging from saying the complaint fails to state a claim to alleging that the recovery against the city is barred by Sovereign Immunity.

The 10th defense asserts that the city cannot cede entitlement to revenue, while the fourth defense calls the lawsuit outright moot in that the growth plan that regulates growth in the county is not a contract as the county asserts and, even if it were, the city says, the statute was to apply for 20 years and has since expired.

The city’s response also claims in the eighth defense that the county lacks standing to seek tax revenue beyond what the state legislature provides in state code limited to annexation date review.

The city contends that the annexation date review, determined by the Tennessee Commissioner of Revenue, is the sole remedy available to the county.