The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury has released the Coffee County audit report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.

Coffee County received an annual audit without any findings. Auditors did not report any weaknesses or deficiencies in government operations of the county.

The audit revealed a strong system that allows for accurate financial reporting and clear checks and balances that help protect taxpayer money.

State Representative Rush Bricken praised county officials for their work.

“It’s a real compliment to all Coffee County departments and their leadership to achieve no audit findings,” Bricken said.

He commended Marianna Edinger, director of accounts and budgets.

“Marianna Edinger does an excellent job in overseeing the county finances and operating controls,” Bricken said.

This is the second consecutive year Coffee County received a clean audit.

Last year, the county was one of 12 counties without any issues, also called findings.

“This is a great achievement for our county,” said Coffee County Mayor Gary Cordell. “It has taken years of hard work to get there – special thanks to Marianna Edinger. This is our second year to receive a clean audit and we hope to make it three years in a row.”

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