A local business has been conned out of thousands of dollars-worth of merchandise after a pair of slick-talkers worked a confidence game on them.

The Furniture and Merchant Outlet told police that two black males came into the store and wanted to buy $6,887 worth of furniture. The men explained that one of them was moving from New Orleans to Tullahoma to go to work at the hospital and was needing the furniture to furnish his new residence. They also claimed to be in a hurry since they were only renting the U-Haul to transport the furniture.

With the amount of purchase set at $6,887, the clerk tried to swipe the man’s credit card but it would not work. It was at that point one of the men suggested talking to his bank representative and handed them the phone. Thinking they were talking to the bank representative, the store employee did as was instructed and “forced” the acceptance of the card by clicking a button on the card machine. The card was accepted and the men allowed to leave with the furniture. It was a few days later that the business received a letter from Bank of America stating they would not acknowledge the payment, suggesting the person on the phone, posing as a bank representative, may have been in on the con.

One of the suspects in the case had a low hair cut with tattoos on his arms. The other was described as flamboyant and wearing women’s clothing.

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