A pink safe containing drugs has led to charges against a pair of local women who claim the contraband police found inside the container belonged to a mysterious woman named “Judy” and did not belong to them.

The suspects, Debra Keech and Amber Cunningham, have both been detained by police while they try to get to the bottom of the pink safe caper. However, it wasn’t the drugs that first drew lawmen to the apartment complex but was instead Keech’s violation of house rules, whereby she had unregistered animals staying at her residence. When police arrived they found four dogs and 10 cats and untidy conditions inside the apartment.

As animal control was handing the animal issue, police found drugs in Cunningham’s position and also noticed a pink safe in the living room. “Ms. Keech stated it was her friend’s Judy’s safe which she had been holding for her for weeks,” police reported, noting Keech claimed not to know the combination to the safe while Cunningham did.

Upon opening the safe police found several grams of a crystal substance, a gram of a brown power substance along with a scale and baggies. Keech maintained that everything inside the safe belonged to her with the exception of the drugs which she insisted belonged to Judy.