More repairs to the city’s stormwater drainage system are expected to begin soon, following approval by the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

According to Public Works Director Butch Taylor, a section of the city’s stormwater drainage system on Country Club Drive partially collapsed last spring, prompting the need for repairs.

The area, located “in the curve before you get around to the country club itself,” according to Taylor, involves replacing about 200 linear feet of pipe around a “large culvert.”

Taylor said the bottom of the culvert has begun to rust and break away, and the culvert itself is “starting to settle.”

This is another example of aging pipes needing repair around the city, as another drainage pipe on West Lincoln Street experienced a breach in late January of this year.

In that instance, a vehicle leaving Brent Myers Construction Cabinet Shop caused a portion of a stormwater drainage pipe to collapse, prompting public works crews to inspect the damage.

When Taylor’s crews got to the scene, they realized the damage was caused by a pipe that had rusted and lost its ability to support a load.

As with the Lincoln Street repair, the public works roadway contractor, Rogers Group, will perform the repairs on Country Club Drive, Taylor said.

Taylor had no time estimate on the repairs, but he cautioned that it would largely depend on weather conditions, which can delay any construction project.

The Country Club Drive repairs have already been delayed since last spring, according to a memo on the subject given to The News.

The memo states “weather and project volumes have contributed” to the delay, though it has been “initiated” as of Monday evening.

If weather conditions continue to be dry, the work shouldn’t take too long, though it also depends on when Rogers Group can get the work scheduled.

“This is supposed to be the driest part of the year, and it hasn’t been dry at all,” Taylor said.

He referenced the Lincoln Street repairs, which were only just now being finalized due to sporadic bursts of heavy rains since February.

“We had a similar problem down below the hill [on West Lincoln Street]. We’re just now getting to finish it up because of the weather,” Taylor said. “Water just kept flowing through there; we couldn’t do anything. It’s kind of been the same way out there [on Country Club Drive].”

The memo estimates repairs for the culvert replacement at $86,000. According to Taylor, the funds won’t come out of his public works budget, which means there should be no adverse effects on any other slated city repairs such as street repaving.

Funds for the “emergency repair” are listed in a city account for streets capital projects, according to Finance Director Sue Wilson.

Wilson confirmed that the repair funds will not adversely affect the public works budget for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The city board unanimously approved the repair cost at the Monday night meeting.

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