All she wanted to do was dance but the law wouldn’t let her. Actually, it wasn’t the dancing but the loud music that landed Karen Noel, 46, behind bars for disorderly conduct after police responded twice to a loud music call on West Waggoner Street, the second visit ending in a confrontation with officers.

According to police reports on the incident, police showed up the first time and warned Noel to turn down her car stereo. She complied and officers left. However, they were called back to the scene minutes later and could hear the music blaring as they drove up.

“She had turned it up louder than before,” the police report reads. “She looked at me and started to dance in the yard next to the car.”

The officer asked her to turn the music down but was reportedly ignored until a man, sitting on the nearby porch, told her to turn it down.

“She said she wasn’t because it wasn’t eight o’clock,” the report revealed. The officer pointed out Tullahoma has a sound ordinance. “She said she was a grown woman and could do as she pleased.”

Police say the woman started yelling and was asked to calm down. When she did not comply, the officer took her into custody after a short tussle.

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