The Tullahoma Fire Department wants to remind Tullahomans that burning leaves without a permit is prohibited in the city limits.

As the weather warms, homeowners may wish to rid their lawns of the last vestiges of winter by burning leaves, brush, tree limbs or non-treated scrap wood. However, TFD said, burning any of these items requires a burn permit from the fire department.

Anyone who would like to burn their brush is reminded to call the department at 455-0936, contact TFD on Facebook or visit the city website,, to obtain a permit.

The fire department posts on its Facebook page each day whether or not burn permits will be issued. During certain weather conditions, including unusually windy days, burn permits will not be issued, as windy conditions increase the risk of fires from isolated burns spreading and causing unintentional destruction.

The fire department asks that all potential burners watch for the direction of the winds and take their neighbors into consideration during their burning process.

“Make sure the smoke is not headed toward your neighbor’s direction, if possible,” fire officials said.

Another way to dispose of leaves is to use biodegradable bags, which the city has for sale. Homeowners can purchase the bags at city hall, 201 W. Grundy St., year-round. If anyone uses the biodegradable bags for their leaves, they should call Tullahoma Public Works at 454-1768 to inform the department and arrange for a pickup. Pickups typically take place within three business days.

To check if burn permits are being issued, call the fire department at 455-0936 or visit Tullahoma Fire Department on Facebook.

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