Trying to outrun the law in reverse didn’t work out so well for a local man who backed his way into a host of charges.

The suspect, Joshua Randolph, 27, is charged with evading arrest, reckless driving, driving on a revoked license and possession of a weapon.

His problems began when he ran up on a Tullahoma police officer as he was answering a call at Ada Ferrell Garden Apartments.

“Before I could move my unit for the vehicle to pass, the drive accelerated and squealed tires and almost hit my patrol unit head on,” the officer said in his report on the incident, noting the suspect began to drive backwards through the parking lot. “He proceeded to drive very recklessly backwards through Ada Ferrell in reverse and onto Freeman Street.”

The officer saw Randolph lose control of his Chrysler 300 and run into a ditch, still while going backwards. The suspect was able to get straightened out as the lawmen gave chase. However, the pursuit was short as the fugitive bailed out after whipping his vehicle into a driveway on Freeman.

“I could hear the suspect running through the woods,” the officer reported, noting he waited for backup before venturing into the woods. The suspect was located hiding in some bushes in the woods off Freeman and was taken into custody.

Officers found out Randolph was wanted on an outstanding warrant and was driving on a revoked license for a third time.

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