A drunk dad faces charges after he tried to pick up his child at East Lincoln Elementary while under the influent.

The man, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of his young child, has been hit with four criminal counts including public intoxication and resisting arrest for the incident that saw him tased in front of the school as he tried to square off with police.

The incident began when police arrived to answer the call of a drunk parent at the school. They found the father had picked up his child and had strapped the young student into a car seat.

“He was stumbling around,” police said when they encountered him about to leave the parking lot with his child.

The officer said the father became belligerent. “HE told me I wasn’t American,” the officer recalled of the verbal barrage offered by the drunk dad. “I asked him to calm down and he said ‘(expletive) you’.”

Officer then tried to take the intoxicated man into custody as students and faculty watched from the school. “He was swinging his freed right arm,” the officer explained, noting they were able to get one cuff on him before the fight was on. “He then lunged toward me.”

The father was stunned by the Taser and had to be hit for a second time with the shock gun.

The child was released to the custody of a neighbor while her father was being taken to jail.

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