A patron who had too much to drink at Whiskey Trail BBQ has been hit with assault charges after he pushed an employee who was trying to prevent him from driving drunk.

The suspect, Jerry Crisp, 34, is charged with assault and public intoxication. His charges come after an incident involving him and a server at the establishment, the entire episode captured on surveillance camera.

“He had drank several alcoholic beverages, causing him to become heavily intoxicated,” the police report reads concerning the assault, noting it is believed he had 18 shots of liquor while at the restaurant.

When Crisp got up to leave, a female employee of the establishment tried to reason with him, encouraging him not to drive drunk. “She tried to persuade him not to drive,” the officer said, adding that is when Crisp became hostile and got into the woman’s face. “He then hit her and pushed her through the door.”

When police arrived they reviewed the security footage of the incident and then placed Crisp under arrest for assaulting the employee.

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