Farmers Market Close

Tullahoma Day Care Center teacher Jasmine Coleman, left, and Director Emma Coleman, bring their class to Trinity Lutheran Church’s farmer’s market every Wednesday morning as a little field trip. The class was able to get fresh apples from the local stands as well as cookies from Mary McElwain (back right).

The last two weeks of farmers market season are upon us. Both Trinity Lutheran Church’s Wednesday morning and Farmer’s Market Tullahoma’s Monday afternoon markets will be closing for the remainder of the year at the end of this month.

The time to get the last of fresh produce, flowers and other local products is now. Support local growers who provide farm fresh produce, organic and non-GMO products that owners of the stands picked just that morning. The plants are often picked at the peak of their ripeness, providing more nutrition than produce in the grocery store’s produce section.

There are also many local bakers, crafters, canners and more at the two markets. Some of these include The Rustic Greenhouse, Hemp and The Hare, and Ann Bryan who creates holiday wreaths and flower arrangements.

All of these vendors come to one place for the convenience of Tullahoma’s citizens, offering their products throughout the summer and fall months.

Trinity Lutheran Church’s market is on Wednesday mornings from 6 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Farmer’s Market Tullahoma is on Monday afternoon from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Farmer’s Market Tullahoma will be holding a trunk-or-treat event on Monday, Oct. 28 to spread joy to children and also celebrate their closing day.

“This year has been a great season,” Lynne Atkielski, director of Farmer’s Market Tullahoma, said. “Locals will not be able to go to another farmer’s market until around next May, so they need to stop by and get their fix.”

Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 705 Wilson Avenue and Farmer’s Market Tullahoma is at 404 South Jackson Street.

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