Fire on Vine St.

Tullahoma Fire Department crews check the damage at the Vine Street fire this weekend

Tullahoma firefight­ers were able to knock down a blaze on Vine Street over the weekend, preserving the structure even though there was sig­nificant smoke and water damage.

The Tullahoma Fire Department responded to the Vine Street blaze Sun­day evening, according to Deputy Fire Chief Kenneth Pearson.

The fire department re­ceived a call about the fire at 6:01 p.m. and firefight­ers quickly dispatched to the scene, arriving at 6:04 p.m. According to Pearson, there was plenty of smoke coming out the front win­dows of the house.

“We controlled the fire in a timely manner,” Pearson said. “The issue was searching through the debris and trying to make sure we didn’t have any hot spots trying to reignite the building.”

Pearson said the initial knockdown was quick but the salvage/overhaul op­eration took the longest due to searching for poten­tial hot spots. The overall damage was 35% caused by the fire and 100% was by smoke and water. The firefighters were at the scene for about two hours.

There were no injuries reported and all the oc­cupants were out of the house when the fire start­ed.

As of press time the cause of the fire is unde­termined and is still under investigation.