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Alderman Robin Dunn


The Go Green! Tullahoma Council has been working hard for the people of Tullahoma this quarter. I wanted to share with you some of the latest news.


Master recycling program


Ever want to know more recycling in Tullahoma? CFC Recycling and the City of Tullahoma are teaming up to present a master recycling workshop on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m. to noon. Take a tour of the CFC facility and get to know what you can keep out of our landfills. Space is limited so sign up today. Write to: for details.


What other communities are doing


Last week I took part in Tennessee’s Environmental Council in Nashville. I gathered with city and entrepreneurs from across the state to discuss Tennessee’s latest green ventures.

Here are a few projects that have caught my attention:

250,000 trees: The Tennessee Environmental Council (TEC) made history last winter when several thousand volunteers planted a total of a quarter of a million trees in every county in the state. We all know that trees are important, I was unaware how vital trees are to restoring the health of our drinking water. TEC will soon be accepting volunteer applications for the Feb. 23, 2019 planting day. Check out their website at for more information.

Gasification: In Lebanon, public works and utility leaders work together to reduce landfill use while producing clean electricity. Last year 16 million tons of waste were incinerated at extremely high temperatures to power the city’s water treatment plant. 1.6 tons of bio-char is produced daily and sold for a variety of uses, including as a soil additive.

Glass mulching: The public works director in Gallatin wanted fewer steps between the city’s recyclable material and its final use. With the help of state-funded grants, the department purchased a cardboard bailer and a glass mulcher. The bailer, like Tullahoma’s bailer, better prepares Gallatin’s cardboard for processing plants and thereby fetches a higher price for the material when it is shipped across the country.

But the glass mulcher keeps all operations (read jobs) local. This powerful machine takes discarded bottles and jars and creates a product so similar to pebbles or sand that a person can safely run their hand through it without fear of being cut. Gallatin uses this glass mulch as an aggregate, instead of gravel or sand, in their sidewalks. The end result is a sparkly and attractive surface.

Composting: In Franklin, Todd King has created a composting program that both reduces landfill use and supports gardening enthusiasts. The city regularly collects yard waste and converts it into rich compost that can be used in flower beds and vegetable gardens. Todd will be presenting to Tullahoma’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen in the coming weeks.

Robin Dunn headshot

Alderman Robin Dunn

Could any of these ideas be right for Tullahoma? Each of these ventures required a great amount of initial investment, both in time and money, by the people of these communities. For any project to be successful, it must be sustainable by the economy, the environment, and the community’s way of life.

I plan to continue to work with others toward our goal of creating a smaller carbon footprint for our town. As always, I appreciate your input and support.

Robin Dunn is a member of the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the board’s representative on the Go Green! Tullahoma Council. She can be reached by email at