A man faces evading arrest charges after he tried to flee police only to be stopped when he ran upon a traffic jam.

The motorist, William Smith, 31, is charged with evading arrest, speeding, reckless driving, violation of due care and improper lane usage.

Smith was blue-lighted by police after he was clocked going 69 in a 45 mile-per-hour zone on North Jackson Street.

“The driver accelerated, crossing all lanes of travel, passing multiple vehicles in an attempt to evade being stopped,” police reported, noting the suspect turned into oncoming traffic before entering the parking lot of Murphy’s. “He traveled around the back of the building and was trapped by traffic waiting to reenter the highway.”

Police took advantage of the afternoon gridlock and ordered him out of the car. “He was given verbal commands to exit the vehicle, turn facing away from the officer and walk backwards toward the sound of the officer’s voice,” the report revealed, noting he was arrested without incident and booked into the Coffee County Jail. He is to face arraignment June 9.