A knife-wielding suspect faces resisting charges after he fled from officers, refusing to be brought down by their Tasers.

The suspect, Correll Baker, 29, is charged with resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. Police first encountered him after someone reported a knife-wielding man in the road on Riley Creek Road. When officers got on scene they found Baker holding a knife. Police ordered him to drop his knife at gunpoint, and Baker complied. However, they could see a second kitchen knife sticking out of his pocket.

He was eventually placed into handcuffs, and the second knife removed from his pocket. However, police say Baker was able to pull away and take off running in his handcuffs. Two attempts to hit Baker with Tasers failed even though the barbs of the Tasers were able to penetrate his skin. Police eventually had to tackle the fleeing suspect in order to take him back to the patrol car for transport to jail. Ambulance personnel were called to remove the Taser barbs from his skin.

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