New details have emerged regarding the shooting at Baymont Inn that left a man wounded last week, including the victim revealing he was shot with his own gun.

The alleged shooter, Benny Reese, 51, was hit with aggravated assault charges after being captured following the July 2 incident. The victim, Jeffrey Barrier, 47, reportedly suffered gunshot wounds to his arm and stomach and was airlifted for treatment after the shooting.

Police reports revealed they were called to the inn on North Jackson Street and found the victim lying in the parking lot. One of the officers immediately began applying pressure to Barrier’s stomach wound while they waited on an ambulance.

Officers continued giving first aid during Barrier’s ambulance ride to the helipad for his airlift. It was during that time officers onboard the ambulance were told that it was Barrier’s own gun that was used to shoot him.

In the police account of the victim’s statement, Barrier said “All of this over a punch to the face” and then told them what kind of gun was used. “He shot me with a 40 caliber Hydroshock,” the police report reads. “He shot me with my own gun.”

The report did not offer what led up to the “punch to the face” or subsequent shooting. Reese faces three to six years in prison if convicted of the felony assault.

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