Tullahoma High School administration and the Tullahoma Police Department are investigating after a piece of paper labelled as a “hit list” was found in a desk in the freshman hallway.

According to a statement from Interim Director of Schools Scott Hargrove, the paper was found at around 12:30 in the afternoon during the school day, prompting administration officials to immediately begin an investigation.

There was no date on the paper, but school officials contacted TPD regarding the issue.

“The document does not indicate a date, and there is no way of knowing how long the piece of paper may have been crumpled up in the desk it was found in,” the statement read.

“It had nothing about ‘tomorrow;’ it had nothing about ‘today’ or ‘next week.’ It just had some things that raise an eyebrow and [prompted] us to check it out and look into this,” said TPD Investigator Josh Leverette.

The list was written on the back of an information flyer given to members of the freshman class, giving investigators reason to believe the perpetrator is also a freshman.

The list does not contain the names of any THS administration officials, according to Leverette.

“It was just students,” he said.

Leverette added he would be speaking with one juvenile “later on” and would hopefully “find out a little bit more” about the list, such as whether or not that juvenile knows about it or who may have written it.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Leverette said he had not yet been in contact with those listed minus the one juvenile.

According to Leverette, the investigation into the list shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

“It should be finished by probably Friday,” he estimated. “If it’s what we’re thinking, Friday should probably be the last [day].”

In the meantime, TPD announced it would be sending out additional patrols to the high school campus Thursday and Friday.

“We will have a more significant police presence than usual at Tullahoma High School over the next two days as a precaution,” said a TPD Facebook post.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Tullahoma Police Chief Williams urged parents to contact the department before posting on social media should they become aware of similar incidences.

“We want them to contact Tullahoma Police Department and give us an opportunity to look into the matter, whatever it is,” Williams told The News Wednesday afternoon. “If it’s concerning enough that a parent feels like they need to get on social media about an issue and make other people aware of, and it’s a safety issue for other students, we obviously feel that we would like to be notified of it as well.”

While social media can help spread information, Williams urged parents to get in touch with law enforcement before making any social media posts about an issue.

“There have been instances recently where we found out through second- and third-hand information that is going on or somebody [tagging] us in a social media post that this has gone on, so I can’t urge people enough.

“If you find out something or you’re made aware of something, please contact us and make us aware of it so we can start doing our part.”

To report any suspicious or concerning behavior, the police department can be reached at 455-0530 or call the central dispatch non-emergency line at 455-3411.

The full statements from Interim Director of Schools and Tullahoma Police Department can be found below.

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