An intruder left his gun behind after he was caught on camera hopping a fence and trespassing on an East Grundy man’s property.

While video images of the intruder were captured by the surveillance camera, the man was able to get away. However, he left behind his 9mm Glock which apparently fell onto the ground as he was vaulting over the fence.

The home owner told police that a neighbor called him and said he had seen a man jumping his fence. The victim checked his video surveillance system and saw the intruder wandering around amongst his dogs. At that point, the resident, who was not at home, was able to set off a remote alarm through his video system. The alert scared off the trespasser who quickly jumped the fence, leaving as he came.

Police arrived to find the gun lying in the dirt where the intruder had apparently dropped it. The gun was taken into evidence and the officer left after investigating the scene.

Police were called back a few minutes after they left and were told the man who had dropped the gun had returned and was looking for the firearm. The suspect was gone by the time police got back. The reason for the man’s trespass was not revealed.

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