Keep TN Beautiful

Executive Director of Keep Tennessee Beautiful Missy Marshall gives a presentation at the D.W. Wilson Community Center about becoming a Keep TN Beautiful affiliate.

Tullahoma has an opportunity to become one of several communities in Tennessee to become an affiliate to keep Tennessee clean.

Missy Marshall, the Executive Director of Keep Tennessee Beautiful, stopped by the D.W. Wilson Community Center Friday for a luncheon to present community members information on what becoming an affiliate can mean to Tullahoma.  It’s all a part of Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee’s newest initiative.

Each year Curlee issues a new initiative for Tullahoma and this year is to keep Tullahoma clean. 

“I sincerely believe that 99% of people in Tullahoma want to live in a clean and aesthetically pleasing community,” said Curlee, “I know that 100% of people that want to invest in our community want to invest in a clean community.”

Go Green! Tullahoma and the Tullahoma Pride Foundation are a few organizations that are already interested in this initiative.  Curlee said, “I’m excited about it and I want to engage with the community about it.”

There will an email sent out in the next few weeks from the mayor’s office to engage with community members to see if there’s interest in Tullahoma becoming an affiliate and when the next meeting will take place. If the members agree to become an affiliate, Keep Tennessee Beautiful will send officials to Tullahoma to train community members. 

“It’s a matter of changing the culture and the behavior of people,” said Curlee. “The ultimate strategy is to not only have a clean community but an aesthetically pleasing community.”

Keep Tennessee Beautiful is a behavioral change organization. Between 2018 and 2019, the organization has collected over 3.9 million pounds of litter, recycled over 450,000 pounds and planted over 93,000 trees and flowers in their cleanups.

If anyone is interested in more information, they can email Keep Tennessee Beautiful at or call 1-888-862-5326.

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