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The Coffee County Emergency Communications District  at 911 Jack Welch Drive. 

The Coffee County Communications Board has named Scott LeDuc as the interim 911 Director after firing former Director Diane Argraves from the same position.

While qualified for the position, LeDuc was surprised to receive the offer. LeDuc is currently the interim 911 director and financial consultant for Lawrence County. He will occupy both positions during the director search.

“I wasn’t expecting that question,” he told the board. “To help out, I’ll help anyway I can.”

LeDuc said the Coffee County operation is in much better shape than the one he heads in Lawrence County.

Board Member Daniel Berry said that he did not want to rush the hiring for the director. The next steps include activating the interview panel, advertising the position and working with the County Technical Advisory Service (CTAS) in the search.

Argraves was let go last week after the board voted 5-1 to part ways with their director of several years. The firing came after she and Sheriff Chad Partin clashed when she filed a complaint saying he berated her in front of her employmees and made light of her age. Partin responded saying he felt Argraves was “in over her head” in her job as 911 Director.

The termination of Argraves left the 911 board without a person to sign off on certain administrative housekeeping items, including filling an internal position as TBI liaison.

Coffee County 911 Communications dispatcher Kim Beard retired Wednesday after 32 years of service. Part of Beard’s jobs at the communications center was as the chief Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC), the liaison with the TBI who is responsible for queries and entries into NCIC (National Crime Information Center, the electronic clearinghouse of crime data).

A TAC is required by the TBI to maintain the county’s access to NCIC. Sheriff Partin cautioned the board that if that gets shut off, the three county law enforcement agencies would lose the ability to validate stolen vehicles, firearms and warrants.

Argraves was the alternative TAC for the county. During the meeting, the board expressed interest in approaching dispatcher and former county TAC Andy Vaughn to fill the position. A 911 Director was needed to sign off on the decision.

The board unanimously approved LeDuc. Argraves was given about three weeks to accept a severance package offered to her by the board. She rejected the offer the night of her termination.