Chris Rynd

Chris Rynd

A local man changed his career from chemistry to chiropractic after having a life-changing adjustment.

Chris Rynd graduated from Coffee County Central High School before attending Tennessee Tech University where he earned a degree in Chemistry. During his time at TTU Rynd was able to get a grant to conduct field research on shamanic medicine in Peru for four months, studying a plant called Cat’s Claw.

 Rynd graduated in 2012 and began a career at Vi-Jon in Smyrna. He worked in the research and development department for about five years where he helped developed formulas and quality scalability for a variety of products including aerosol sprays, hand sanitizers, laundry and dish detergents and so on.

He was about two years into his career when he began going back to the gym to be active again as he started to get sick every once in a while.

“I grew up skateboarding and used to compete a lot so I was pretty active,” Rynd said.

Rynd said he was doing cross hatches in the gym when he got injured.

“I heard a pop and it literally dropped me to my knees,” Rynd said.

Soon afterwards Rynd was experiencing one-sided headaches and was tearing out of one eye for 18 days straight while experiencing “10 out of 10” pain.

Rynd said he went to his primary care to be told he was looking at spinal surgery on his C1/C2 vertebrae, which is based around the skull and the brain stem. Rynd wasn’t happy with the idea of getting surgery on his spine while he was 26.

“That was a little earth shaking and I was probably a little young to be cut on with spinal surgery.”

Rynd said he pushed away from the idea of surgery and relied on muscle relaxers and pain medicine but nothing was working. He said he missed so much work he was losing money so he finally sought out a chiropractor and said after one adjustment he was all better.

“All my symptoms went away, no tearing out of one eye or my ’10 out of 10’ pain,” Rynd said. “It literally saved me from surgery.”

Rynd stated, with regular chiropractic care, he hasn’t been sick in over five years since his first adjustment.

With the life changing adjustment, Rynd reached out to his friend Dr. Rick Longie and told him he was thinking about changing careers and going to chiropractic school. He said Dr. Longie reached out to the president of Sherman College of Chiropractic to talk to Rynd and to have him visit the campus.

Rynd said he spent the next three years saving up his money while continuing to work for Vi-Jon. After saving up enough money to pay tuition, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida in 2017 and graduated this year.

He said while in school he was amazed to learn how a small adjustment can help someone with chronic pain immensely.

“I did not expect the human mind to comprehend the human body,” Rynd said. “I never knew so much stuff played a vital role to the nervous system, where any small adjustments can make a huge difference to the entire body.”

Rynd worked for a chiropractic office in Murfreesboro before receiving his license in March. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic his graduation ceremony was cancelled. He did receive his diploma along with his cap and gown before being able to go home.

Rynd now works at Family Chiropractic Complex in Tullahoma and said they’ve been following guidelines and safety procedures like other medical offices. Rynd said business is back to normal but he was worried in the beginning, especially for other small businesses that don’t have the same resources as corporations.

“That’s what I like about small businesses cause that’s part of a community and not a corporation that thinks people are indispensable. People respect that here more than in the larger cities,” Rynd said.

Rynd said he’s seen patients get better after they’ve come to see him and encourages anyone suffering from chronic pain to see them as it helped him out.

“It’s amazing how it changed my life and I want to give people hope that they don’t have to live in chronic pain all the time or take a pill all the time for chronic pain,” Rynd said.

Family Chiropractic Complex is located at 111 Marbury Crossing and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Anyone interested to make an appointment can call 931-455-0408.

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