The Hospice of the Highland Rim is holding a plant sale fundraiser with the proceeds to help them serve the terminally ill and their families in the area.

The offerings include four options of hanging baskets for a contribution of $20 or an insta-pot confetti mixed for $20. The hanging baskets can be either a petunia wave, which is offered in shades of blue/purple or pink, or calibrachoa, which has three to five plants per pot and is offered in shades of blue/purple, pink, red, yellow or mixed colors. There are also geraniums, which come in red only, or mixed foliage, which include spider plants, Wondering Jew, Bolivian Jew and Bridal Veil. The insta-pot has a color selection of blue/purple, pink, red or yellow.

Those wishing to purchase plants should send their color selection along with assortment description to HHRF, 101 Bragg Circle, Tullahoma TN 37388. You may also call 931-563-7482 for more information. Payments can be made in person by check or cash. The sale ends March 31.

Hospice of the Highland Rim Foundation, Inc. (HHRF) is a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization established in 2001 for the sole purpose of meeting unmet needs of terminally ill patients to help reduce stress and improve their quality of life during their final days. They interface directly with hospice workers to assess the needs of patients and attempt to cover urgent expenses which are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, insurance or other resources.

Based on an assessment by the on-site hospice worker, they are informed of a need through a simple written grant request. Their board has created pre-approved guidelines which allow immediate fulfillment of many of these requests. When a request is received outside the norm, the board members review the request by email and can provide a rapid response. 

The most frequent requests are for food, utility bill payment and/or special needs grant while the individual is on end-of-life care. Many times, the need is driven by a family care-giver being unable to earn essential income while caring for a dying loved one.   

HHRF is the only hospice charity that assists hospice patients in Bedford, Cannon, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Moore and Warren Counties. Each year, they receive requests for help which are more than double the resources which they have available and so they are forced to constrain many of the grants they provide to only a fraction of the requested amount. For that reason, they request provisions of additional resources to help them meet those critical needs.

All donations to Hospice of the Highland Rim Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. To donate to Hospice of the Highland Rim Foundation, Inc., contact their office at 931-563-7439 or mail a check to Hospice of the Highland Rim Foundation, Inc., at 101 Bragg Circle, Tullahoma, TN 37388. A donation form is available at their website found at