Luke Cameron

Luke Cameron

Luke Cameron has thrown his hat into the ring as a candidate for Coffee County Mayor.

“My name is Luke Cameron, and it is a privilege to be a candidate for Coffee County mayor in 2022,” he said in officially announcing his candidacy. “Coffee County is a terrific place to live because of its great people—people in Manchester, Tullahoma, Hillsboro, Beechgrove, Summitville, Lakewood Park, New Union. It is an honor to live in the United States of America, in Tennessee, and also in Coffee County.”

Cameron noted Coffee County is a great place to raise a family because it is made up of good people.

“As people of Coffee County, we cherish our rights and freedoms. We want to raise our children in safe neighborhoods, provide them with a good education and give them better opportunities than we ourselves had. We know the importance of investing in good teachers and good schools. By valuing education, we are valuing young people and their futures,” he said. “Coffee County is home to everyday heroes—teachers, police officers, nurses and doctors, firefighters, social workers, paramedics and EMTs, postal carriers. Everybody’s job is holy, and all people are deserving of respect and courtesy.”

Cameron pointed out that by working together, much can be accomplished in Coffee County.

“When it comes to the issues of our day, we may not always agree, but we can strive to get along. By working together we accomplish great things,” he said. “In Coffee County we have values—faith, family, community. Faith in the Sunday-morning sense, and also faith in the basic decency and goodness of our fellow man and woman. Family in terms of our spouse and children and relatives, and also our broader family: our neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens. Community like Forest Mill or Blanton’s Chapel, and also community as the belief that we are all interconnected: we need teachers to educate our kids, police officers to keep us safe, nurses to heal us, postal carriers to deliver our mail. We are all in this county together.”

Cameron said it will be a pleasure to help stand for those things that Coffee countians hold dear.

“In Coffee County we love our country, and we love our rights and liberty,” he said. “Faith, family, community—it is a pleasure to stand for these values and to be a candidate for mayor of Coffee County in 2022.”

Cameron will be running for mayor as a Democrat.