A man faces felony charges after he held a gun to his girlfriend’s head during a domestic incident as their 1-year-old daughter slept in the next room.

The suspect, Torion Wells, 23, denies anything happened, telling police he never pulled a gun on his girlfriend nor did he assault her. Police think otherwise, charging him with felony assault and possession of a firearm while under the influence. He could get three to six years in prison if he is convicted on the aggravated assault count.

Police arrived at the West Lincoln Street address after it was reported there was a woman with a gun being held to her head.

“Three minutes after police arrived, the front door was opened by a female who ran out and fell onto the porch,” police revealed, noting they had surrounded the residence and began calling out to the people inside. “Behind her was a male wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The male was taken to the ground.”

The victim told police that she got into an argument with Wells and that it escalated. “She said he cocked his gun close enough to her head that he struck her when he cocked it.”

The woman said Wells put down the gun and assaulted her. “He choked me until my eyes went black and I saw stars,” she told police, noting she tried to hide in the bathroom but he followed her there and continued his assault.

Despite the woman having redness in her eyes and on the sides of her neck, Wells said he never touched her.

“He said no gun was used and no assault occurred,” police reported. “He said he never choked her and would never do such a thing. He did state that during their argument his gun fell off the dresser, causing it to strike her in the head.”

Police found the loaded 40 caliber Glock on the floor by a dresser.

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