A man faces public intoxication charges after he burst in on a woman taking a path, his criminal trespass leaving him looking down the barrel of a gun.

The man, Justin Blake Lee is charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication as result of his unwanted intrusion into the woman’s bathroom on Peachtree Street this past week.

“The victim was sitting in her bathtub with her headphones, listening to music when she heard a noise and took off her headphones to see what was going on,” the police report reads. “All of a sudden her bathroom door flew open and Justin Lee was standing at the bathroom door.”

The woman yelled for Lee to get out and bolted out of the bathtub. Two men who were at the house drew guns on Lee and ordered to get out of the house.

When police arrived they found him wandering outside in the neighborhood. “He was very confused and aggressive,” the report reads, noting the suspect made a confession when confronted by officers. “He said he had shot up with dope earlier.”

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