A Hillcrest Drive man faces felony charges after he reportedly got drunk and began firing indiscriminately from his home with one of the bullets crashing through a neighbor’s window.

The suspect, Geoffrey Anderson, 51, is charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault and resisting arrest. More charges may also be pending.

Tullahoma police responded to the Hillcrest neighborhood after area residents reported hearing the sounds of shots being fired. When they arrived they were summoned to a house where the residents said they had found a bullet hole in their window.

“We found the bullet lodged in the door,” police revealed in their report on the incident. “It had passed through two panes of glass before entering the door.”

It did not take long for police to discover the source of the mysterious shots as they learned Anderson was inside a nearby residence with guns out. Lawmen found out his wife was “scared for her life” after her husband got ahold of the guns in the house after he had been drinking. She escaped from him by jumping out a window.

When questioned by police, Anderson said he shot the gun “two or three times” from his couch, noting he did not go outside the house while firing the gun. Police found the spent casings inside the residence along with the gun which had jammed, preventing him from firing anymore rounds.

Along with the felony assault charges that could cost Anderson up to six years in prison, he also picked up a resisting arrest charge when refused to come along peacefully with the lawmen.

Duane Sherrill may be reached at dsherrill@tullahomanews.com.

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