A man posing as a Lowe’s employee walked out the door with over $1,300 in merchandise in a caper caught on camera.

Police believe they know the identity of the culprit and his accomplice and are working on the case. Their main evidence is surveillance footage that shows a male, between 20 and 30, walking around the store with a large cart, selecting large-ticket items. However, what raised the eyes of lawmen even more is what they did not see on the camera.

“He went down an aisle that did not have a camera and re-enters the camera view wearing a red Lowe’s employee vest,” the police report reads, noting he was then joined by a female as they headed for the door. “The alarm at the door sounded due to merchandise not being paid for.”

The police report revealed the suspect looked at the other employees, grabbed at his vest to motion that he was an employee, and continued out of the store.

The camera then caught the male suspect meeting with the female suspect in the parking lot and loading the stolen merchandise into a truck.

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