Felony assault charges have been leveled against a man for allegedly stabbing a woman in the back with a butcher knife.

The suspect, Robert Dickerson, 28, is charged with aggravated assault and could face three to six years in prison if convicted on the charge. The 49-year-old victim was airlifted for treatment of the stab wound she suffered to her kidney area.

A witness to the incident, the victim’s long-time boyfriend, told police he saw the victim walking toward the store from Freeman Street when Dickerson came walking up behind her, reportedly talking out of his mind.

“He was holding his hand behind his back like he was loading up for a punch,” the police report revealed, noting Dickerson yelled at the victim prompting her to turn to run away. “She was stabbed in the lower back area. The witness stated he saw a big butcher knife in his hands.”

Dickerson fled the scene before police arrived. They subsequently talked to a relative of the suspect who revealed the suspect had been using methamphetamine and that he suffered from schizophrenia and that she had been afraid he might hurt someone.

Police went on to find the blue-handled Pioneer Woman kitchen knife used in the stabbing. They also found Dickerson walking down Union Street later and took him into custody.