The Cheesecakery is now under new ownership.

Founded in 2018 by Tullahoma resident Lindsey Morgan, The Cheesecakery has been offering high-quality, homemade cheesecakes and other sweet treats to the community from their location inside the Downtown Avenues.

But after two years and a number of personal struggles, Morgan decided to step away from her business and focus on her family.

Morgan said the decision to sell the business she worked so hard to build was a difficult but necessary choice for herself, her children and her family.

“What happened was my mother passed away,” she said. “The whole entire summer, she had gotten sick off and on, so I had started having to drive to Nashville sometimes four or five times a week in conjunction with running the business.”

Splitting her time between her family and her business weighed on her mind and her heart, she said, and when her mother finally passed, she took it as an indication she needed to step away from the business and take care of her family.

“I really needed to spend more time with my family, especially when we lost my mother, and she actually passed away,” she said. “It really made it more concrete that I needed to be with my family to heal.”

Luckily, Morgan said, Downtown Avenues owner Christy Amacher was there with an offer to purchase the business. The transaction went through successfully, keeping the business in its location and operational.

“We came to an agreement that she would take over the business, so that’s where we are now,” Morgan said. “It was a hard decision, but at the same time, she made it very easy.”

Part of the agreement stipulates that Amacher would take over the LLC and keep the Cheesecakery name, Morgan said.

Cheesecake fans will not be missing out on any flavors with Morgan’s absence, Morgan added.

“The same baker that we had is still with the business,” she told The News. “She was a baker that I had trained with the procedure and the recipe.”

Essentially, Morgan said, Amacher hired Morgan’s employee on as her own, keeping the same cheesecake recipes in the business.

“It is still the same cheesecake recipe, but I am no longer making the cakes,” she said, so while Morgan will not be behind the counter any longer, the custard creations will still taste like they came from her kitchen.

As for her next steps, Morgan said she will still remain in the community, although she will not be working in food service for a while. Instead, she will be pursuing a new opportunity in a new field that will allow her to spend much more time with her family while they are still healing from the loss of her mother.

“It takes a long time after you suffer a loss like that,” she said.

Morgan thanked all the members of the community for supporting her business while she was at the helm.

“I can’t thank people enough for coming out and supporting The Cheesecakery while I had it,” she said. “I was able to get the Small Business of the Year Award last year from the Chamber, so that was also an awesome experience. I learned a lot, and it was an awesome experience.

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