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TUA President Brian Skelton demonstrates Cloud DVR (cDVR), the small box on top of the television, to other board members during a public meeting Nov. 18.

In today’s society when everything goes into the “cloud,” LightTube is trying their hand at this modern-day trend. LightTube has been testing Cloud DVR (cDVR) service with their new middleware in preparation of making the service available to their customers. President Brian Skelton demonstrated cDVR at last week’s public meeting.

The cDVR service allows a customer to record programming at a central location rather than using a hard drive DVR in their own home. It will also be less expensive for some customers who are paying for multiple DVRs and allow recorded programming to be watched on any television within the home that has a LightTube set top box.

“If a customer has cDVR, they can get rid of their physical DVR at their house and they will only have a small set top box,” Skelton said. “All recordings are sent to our hard drive at LightTube’s office and that significantly lowers the risk of losing recordings due to a local hard drive failure which happens with a home DVR.”

For example, one might start watching it at the same point in another room that has a set top box connected television.

One additional bonus of having cDVR will be that it will allow a customer to record up to eight programs at once, rather than the two or three that may currently be recorded at one time on the hard drive-based DVRs.

The price point is the same as what a customer pays today for a single DVR and whole home DVR service. The cost for the cDVR service will be $20 per month, including 500 G of storage that will record up to eight streams at a time. The viewer may also watch the program on any LightTube set top box within the home. Additional 500 GB cloud storage will be $5 per month. Some customers who only have one DVR set top box will likely want to keep that at the lower rate of $15 per month.

“We are not taking away the DVR option,” Skelton said.

The rate committee approved the proposal on Nov 18. TUA Skelton recommended the Board approve the addition of Cloud DVR service at the above rate and additional 500 GB of storage at the TUA regular meeting Tuesday night, Nov. 26. The proposal was unanimously approved.

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