A Wesley Street man faces charges of evading arrest after he tried to outrun police on a motorized bicycle.

The suspect, Daniel Quick, 29, was charged with evading arrest after he refused to pull over for police on East Lincoln Street. He drove his motorized bicycle on the sidewalk, ignoring the officer’s command on loud speaker for him to stop.

“He looked up at me and I got a very clear view of his face,” the officer reported, noting Quick then made a turn into someone’s backyard, shaking the lawman for a few minutes. However, the officer found the cycle and followed footprints through the wet grass to where Quick was located. While at first refusing to answer when police knocked on his door, he was spotted when police came back unannounced later in the evening.

He again refused to acknowledge officers but this time the lawmen made entry into his house and took him into custody. It was noted Quick had changed clothes. However, the clothes he was wearing when he evaded police were found hidden elsewhere in the house.

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