A recommendation from the Coffee County planning com­mission that would have amended the county’s zoning resolution to allow asphalt plants as a special ex­ception use in M-1 districts failed to pass the full commission at its Nov. 9 meeting.

The amendment was requested by Rogers Group, to pave the way for a future request to move their asphalt plant from its current location in Hillsboro to a property in the Industrial Park.

During the discussion Commissioner Dennis Hunt noted that asphalt plans are not specifically mentioned in the county zoning resolution.

“This move doesn’t have any negative impact on our county going forward,” he said. “It allows then to spread out (at the quarry in Hillsboro). The planning commission did approve it and it moves to us.”

Commissioner Mike Ray sought clarification on whether the change would have opened M-1 to other groups to move in competitive plants.

Hunt said that the Special Exception would have required the Board of Zoning Appeals to approve any plans, allowing the county a level of oversight.

Commissioner David Orrick cautioned the similarities between asphalt plants, rock crushers and quarry operations.

“This goes beyond this as a listed item. They need to understand what goes own with the verbiage in this section of our zoning ordinance,” he said.

Hunt said that the plant would likely fall under a permitted use in M-2 zoning, but clarified that an asphalt plant and a quarry are two separate operations.

Commissioner Lynn Sebourn said that the resolution’s narrow language would not open the floodgate to other mining operations.

“I don't think this has anything to do with adding a quarry. They haven’t asked for a quarry,” Sebourn said.

The vote failed 8-11 with yes votes coming from Bryan, Hunt, Keele, Tim and Tildon Stubblefield, Duncan Crabtree and Sebourn.

Three other zoning requests easily passed the commission with two coming with recommendations from the Manchester Planning Committee due to the plats lying in the urban growth boundary.

Resolution 2021-35 amending 2006-39 to rezone property on the New Tullahoma Highway from RS-1 to C-2 general commercial passed with 19 yes votes. Resolution 2021-33 rezoned property on the McMinnville Highway near WillowBrook from C-1 Rural Center to C2 Commercial and 2021-36 rezoned property on the McMinnville Highway, just out of Manchester from RS-1 to C-2.    

While these resolutions passed with 19 members offering yes votes, certain commissioners were frustrated by the lack of back information about the topic shared with them.

“Unfortunately I wasn’t at the planning meeting that this was brought up. Would anyone like to share details of this item?” Commissioner David Orrick asked.

“When we have these zoning issues can we at least have the plats or maps, so we can at least know where these properties are?” asked Commissioner Tim Stubblefield. “We don’t have a clue where they are located.

“This is a deeper tract than we’ve done before. This is a deeper tract,” County Mayor Gary Cordell responded.