Ryan Scott

Tullahoma Wildcat quarterback Ryan Scott will likely be leading the offense in front of a packed stadium this year as COVID restrictions have been lifted by the governor and TSSAA.

After a year of cancellations, rescheduling, online ticket sales, and capacity limitations, high school sports are starting to get back to full schedules and full capacity.

On April 27, Governor Bill Lee announced and signed executive order 80 to adjust the statewide functions.  This executive order officially retired the Tennessee Pledge guidelines issued at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tennessee Pledge sports section was provided to promote safe practices and competitions.

Last school year venues had capacity limitations, select gates open, and new “guest flow” routes. Concession stands were also limited at some venues. On the field and courts, athletes and coaches were encouraged to refrain from handshakes and high-fives.

With Executive Order 80 and the decisions of the TSSAA committee, fall sports are looking back at a normal season schedule and full venue capacity. 

“Right now, the TSSAA had a meeting back in June, and they’ve got us operating on a normal guidelines that are provided by the TSSAA. They do have each sport operating on a little bit different guidelines with the exception of the heat index rule,” Tullahoma High School Athletic Director John Olive said.

According to TSSAA COVID-19 policies and guidelines, cheerleaders and band members must maintain a proper social distance during their routines or performances, but masks are no longer required.

At present the plan is to again offer ticket sales at the gates and for venues to be back to full capacity for the fall season.