If you think you may be wanted, contact the sheriff’s department and ask. Don’t fall for a scam that is going around whereby victims are targeted by a conman looking to relieve them of their money.

"We have received a couple of calls regarding citizens receiving calls from a restricted number advising they are from an attorney's office," officials with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department said in a warning put out this past week.

"The calls state that they (the person receiving the call) will be served papers from the sheriff's department about the matter or they can take care of the matter over the phone,” the sheriff’s department advised.

If asked for a call back number, the caller will give a number that is not valid. “Be aware this scam going around,” the warning says.

If you suspect that you may have a civil or even a criminal paper to be served, you should call the sheriff's department and they will advise if you have an outstanding civil warrant.

“We do not take care of these issues over the phone and do not call to advise individuals if they have a warrant,” the sheriff clarified. “If you have any questions or concerns you may call the sheriff's department."

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