A man faces theft charges after he was caught on camera ripping off the storage building of an elderly man who was in a medical facility at the time.

The suspect, Fernando Ramirez, 42, is charged with theft, public intoxication and criminal trespassing for his illegal visits to a storage building in the backyard of an East Grundy Street residence.

He was collared thanks to a surveillance system that was installed by the victim’s daughter after several items came up missing from the shed while his father was under medical care. The camera was focused on the shed in the backyard and almost immediately began catching the alleged thief making his rounds – oblivious to the fact his crimes were being captured on the candid camera.

“The subject looked inside the shed and carried an unknown item away from the backyard,” police said of what was seen on the surveillance footage.

After capturing the image of the alleged thief, the plan was to next actually capture the thief in action. That scenario came into play a short time later when was she was alerted to motion being detected in the yard around the building. A friend of the family then went to the location and found Ramirez still in the yard. He held onto the suspect until police arrived.

“He initially denied attempting to steal anything from the back yard,” the police report revealed, noting the suspect’s tune changed when he was shown the video allegedly capturing him stealing from the building. “He admitted to trying to take the (animal trap) and showed officers where he placed it.”

Ramirez was arrested on the spot and taken to jail as lawmen also reported smelling alcohol on his person at the time he was caught.