For the third-straight year, the East Lincoln Elementary archery team left Murfreesboro with the first-place title at the Tennessee National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) Title on March 29.

East Lincoln combined to put up a total score of 3,182 points. Wilson Elementary placed second in the state with a score of 3,047 and Christiana rounded out the top three performers at 3,028 points.

“It’s unbelievable,” said East Lincoln Head Coach Jeff Hale. “We started off the year a little slow, but we steadily climbed that hill and we shot a personal best for the year.”

Bel-Aire Elementary School also took a team to the state tournament, finishing seventh out of the 21 competing teams. Bel-Aire combined to score 2,810 points.

East Lincoln not only took first place in the bull’s-eye competition, but also grabbed the state title in the 3D Tournament. In 3D competition, East Lincoln combined to put up a total score of 1,551 points. Christiana placed second in the same tournament with a score of 1,490, while Buchanan took third place at 1,431 points.

In the bull’s-eye tournament, East Lincoln had the four top shooters in the elementary girls division. Alexis Thompson led the Eagles with a score of 275, taking first place. Out of the total 736 girls competing during the state tournament across all levels, Thompson finished 26th overall.

Trinity Carpenter took second in the elementary girls division with a score of 274 points. Brookelyn Brawley placed third with a score of 273, while Sarah Thomas took fourth at 269. Amaya Sharp also placed in the top 10 for the elementary girls, finishing eighth overall with a score of 265.

The East Lincoln boys also saw two archers finish in the top five in the elementary boys division. Noah Baker led the East Lincoln boys, taking third place with an overall score of 272. Dalton Rollins finished in fourth during the competition, also with a score of 272.

Other scores for the East Lincoln girls included Janessa Church taking 13th with a score of 260. Rhianna Chambers finished 24th at 253. Evie Hatmaker placed 34th with a score of 248. Olivia Nowak took 35th at 248. Addie Pollard placed 40th with a score of 246. Addison Arnold finished 43rd at 244 points. Taylor Thompson finished 54th at 238. Maddie Baker finished 65th at 232 and Abby George took 114th at 204 points.

Other scores for the East Lincoln boys included Cesar Ibarra taking 13th at 261 points. Dujuan Chambers finished 15th at 260. Hunter Hall placed 28th at 247. Rafael Jimenez took 30th at 246. Collin Parkerson placed 33rd at 245. Lucas Willette took 46th at 238. Steven Holloway placed 62nd at 230. Briar Brinkley finished 95th at 218, while Cael Treuhaft finished 212th at 142.

In the 3D tournament, East Lincoln saw nine archers finish inside the top 10 of their respective division. The East Lincoln girls had six archers place inside the top 10 of the elementary girls standings, while the East Lincoln boys had three students place in the top 10.

Alexis Thompson and Dalton Rollins each finished as the top spot in their respective competitions. Alexis Thompson took first place first in the elementary girls division with a total score of 278. Dalton Rollins took the top spot in the boys competition with an overall score of 273.

Alexis Thompson’s performance allowed her to finish sixth out of a total 103 competitors on the girls side during the 3D tournament. Dalton Rollins’ effort placed him eighth out of a total 133 competitors in the boys 3D tournament.

Trinity Carpenter also took second place in the girls elementary division, with a total score of 258. Sarah Thomas placed seventh with a score of 246. Amaya Sharp took eighth at 246. Taylor Thompson finished ninth at 245, while Brookelyn Brawley finished in 10th at 244.

Cesar Ibarra placed sixth in the elementary boys competition with an overall score of 250. Dujuan Chambers placed 10th with a score of 246.

Other finishers for the East Lincoln boys included Lucas Willette finishing 11th at 243. Hunter Hall took 13th at 242. Rafael Jimenez placed 17th at 236. Noah Baker finished 21st at 228. Steven Holloway took 24th at 222. Briar Brinkley placed 36th at 195. Collin Parkerson finished 37th at 191, while Cael Treuhaft took 47th at 129.

Other finishers for the East Lincoln girls included Olivia Nowak finishing 11th at 243. Maddie Baker took 15th at 233. Addie Pollard placed 19th at 221. Evie Hatmaker finished 21st at 212. Addison Arnold took 22nd at 207. Janessa Church placed 28th at 189, while Abby George took 34th at 173.


Middle school and high school results

Ashley Scott dominated in both the bullseye competition and 3D tournament in the middle school girls competition.

In the bull’s-eye competition, Ashley Scott put up a score of 291, claiming the state title. Ashley Scott’s score also was good enough for first place out of a total 736 girl competitors during the state tournament.

In the 3D tournament, the East Middle School  seventh-grader took the top spot in the middle school girls competition with an overall score of 288. That effort also led Ashley Scott to finishing third out of a total 103 archers.

Several other local middle school archers also took part in the state competition, as did a Tullahoma High School archer. In fact, THS freshman Adonus Sharp finished inside the top 10 of both the bull’s-eye and 3D tournaments.

In the bull’s-eye tournament, Adonus Sharp placed seventh in the high school competition with a total score of 287. That performance landed him third out of a total 68 competitors in the ninth-grade rankings, and ninth out of a total 858 competitors on the boys side.

In the 3D tournament, Adonus Sharp finished ninth out of 28 competitors in the high school boys division, finishing an overall score of 268. That effort placed him third out of seven ninth-grade boys who competed in the tournament, and 19th overall out of 133 total boys competing in the 3D tournament.

East Middle School also had three other girls competing in the bullseye tournament. Those results included KT Payne finishing 18th at 272. Olivia Spencer took 36th at 265, while Aleigha Raby placed 46th at 260.

Three other East Middle School boys took part in the bull’s-eye tournament, as Owen Alexander finished 63rd at 261. Carter Vincion finished 132nd at 248, while Rickey Vasquez placed 276th at 213.

In the 3D tournament, East Middle School had two girls competing after Ashley Scott’s first-place effort. Aleigha Raby took ninth at 264, while Olivia Spencer finished 10th at 262.

East Middle School also had two boys competing in the 3D tournament. Owen Alexander finished 14th at 258, while Ricky Vasquez placed 46th at 198.


National tournament

After taking home the first-place title, East Lincoln earned a spot into nationals, which will take place on May 9-11 in Louisville, Kentucky. The plan for East Lincoln is to travel to nationals and compete on May 9, then turn around and drive back the same day.

Currently the school is accepting any donations to help with travel expenses, which will cost roughly $4,000. Additionally, the East Lincoln archers will be holding a car wash fundraiser on Saturday, April 20 at Chik-Fil-A to help raise money for the national tournament expenses.

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