A recent routine inspection of the Tullahoma City Schools bus fleet found one infraction. The issue was resolved immediately and all buses are up to code, according to school officials.

According to Director of Schools John Carver, the Tennessee Highway Patrol was performing a routine inspection on the nine school buses utilized by the school district and notified administration that one operational stop sign was the wrong shade of red.

The sign extends from the bus when the vehicle is not in motion to alert oncoming drivers that children are either getting on or leaving the bus.

“All buses in Tennessee have to be inspected to ensure that they’re in safe working order to transport kids,” he said. “We had highway patrol in here yesterday and a supervisor inspecting our buses.”

The inspection took place on Wednesday, Jan. 23, Carver said, and only the one finding was reported. Nothing else out of the ordinary was reported to school officials, he said.

The sign flagged by the inspector had become faded and was not a bright enough red, according to Carver, though nothing else was wrong with the sign.

“All the other parts were in perfect working order; it was just the shade of the red of the stop sign was not up to code,” Carver said.

However, because the sign failed inspection, a replacement was ordered and installed.

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, all public school buses are inspected annually in order to ensure bus fleets are being properly maintained.

“Extended utilization inspections are conducted and continued until the bus has been removed from service,” the state website reads.

Spot checks are also conducted on a random basis throughout the year to ensure proper maintenance outside of the annual inspections, the state says.

Funds for the replacement sign were budgeted in the fleet maintenance account for the district for this school year, meaning there was no negative impact on the current budget.

As of Thursday, Carver said all nine school buses are in perfect working order.

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