As the school district continues to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Tullahoma City Schools Director of Schools Catherine Stephens announced the creation of a daily dashboard for COVID statistics at all eight school campuses.

“COVID-19 continues to be an obstacle for our students, faculty and staff members alike,” Stephens said in a statement on the dashboard. “As a district, TCS is dedicated to our students and making sure that they are provided a safe learning environment. Our aim with this dashboard is to be as transparent as possible in our continued effort to fight this invisible opponent.”

The new dashboard will provide the public with an active number of COVID-19 cases at each of the district’s seven physical and one virtual schools. It will also provide the number of students and staff members at each campus who are actively quarantining due to the virus. The dashboard was launched on the school district’s website Tuesday afternoon.

“When we are aware of positive cases and identify close contacts, we are removing those from the building to help stop the spread,” Stephens said. “It is important to note that our nurses will be in contact with the health department related to identified close contacts.”

To reduce the transmission of COVID-19 among students, staff and faculty, the district will continue to follow its current health and safety protocols set in place before the start of the current school year. Face masks are recommended for all indoor settings for all—including those vaccinated and unvaccinated—and the district will keep at least three feet of distance between students when feasible. Visitors to each campus is currently limited as well.

According to Communications Specialist Zach Birdsong, the dashboard will be updated each morning in order to provide the most accurate information in as transparent a fashion as possible.

As of launch time, the school with the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases was Jack T. Farrar Elementary School, with 33 students and six staff members. The school with the next highest number of confirmed cases was Tullahoma High School with 17 students and no staff. East Lincoln and Robert E. Lee Elementary schools both have eight students out with COVID-19, per the dashboard; only East Lincoln also had staff members out, with fewer than five. West Middle School currently has five students and no staff out with COVID-19. Bel-Aire Elementary and East Middle schools both had fewer than five students and staff.

On the quarantine side of things, Tullahoma High School took the lead with 33 students and fewer than five staff members, followed by Farrar with 28 students and fewer than five staff, then Lee with 25 students and no staff, East Lincoln with 17 students and fewer than five staff, Bel-Aire with 14 students and no staff, West with 13 students and no staff then East with eight students and no staff.

Tullahoma Virtual Academy currently has no students or staff with COVID-19 or quarantining, per the dashboard Tuesday afternoon.

“As we are all in this together, I ask that all TCS parents, guardians, students, teachers and staff members do your part to help keep everyone safely in school,” Stephens said. “Following these protocols will help in our effort to reduce the spread of this virus. Together, we can make this a very successful school year.

The dashboard is available through our website,, and through the district website,