The children at the Tullahoma Housing Authority (THA) enjoyed a sweet celebration on April 27, as the authority held a post-Easter event, dubbed Candy Drop.

AmeriCorps member Amanda Bohanan said THA officials hadn’t received enough donations of eggs and candy this year to host an egg hunt for its resident children on Easter, so they decided to host this event on the following Saturday.

“We have done egg hunts in the past, but it is hard to compete with big churches,” Bohanan said. “We couldn’t compete with big churches for Easter. We wanted to spread some sweetness to our complexes and kids, so we decided to hold our own version and call it ‘Candy Drop.’ It was a complete success.”

THA owns and operates 270 apartments spread across five complexes within the city, providing homes for eligible low-income families, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Those complexes are Dossett Homes, Whispering Oaks, Carver Homes, Cedar Lane Village and Autumn Manor, which is designated for senior residents.

The main candy drop event was held at the basketball court at Dossett Community Center, said Bohanan.

“We had around 50 participants, including kids and volunteers,” she said. “At our Whispering Oaks, Carver and Cedar Lane complexes, we personally delivered Easter baskets, bags of candy and bunnies to the kids.”

“At our Dossett complex, we did a candy hunt. After the hunt, we drew tickets for a few of the prizes we had. Then we provided bread to anyone who wanted bread.”

Participants and volunteers had fun at the event.

Bohanan enjoyed the moment when winners of the chocolate bunnies and gift bags were announced.

“The kids cheered the other winners on even if they did not win,” Bohanan said. “They could have grumbled about being fair, but they did not, they were excited for the other winners.”

It was a bittersweet moment, she said.

“I also enjoyed the kids picking up the candy,” Bohanan said. “They were excited to pick up candy to put in their Easter baskets.”

Bohanan expressed appreciation to individuals and groups that helped organize the event. 

“We were blessed to have Ministries of Hope come and volunteer their time,” Bohanan said.

Ministries of Hope Church in Tullahoma donated candy and baskets.

New Center Grove Church of Christ donated candy and chocolate bunnies.

The Tullahoma Housing Authority and Resident Services provided candy and stuffed bunnies.

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