A pair of local men face shoplifting charges after police found a trail of blood leading from the scene of their crime inside Walmart.

Brian Cato, 43, and James Johnson, 40, are both charged with shoplifting in connection with the incident which began when a Walmart employee noticed a trail of blood droplets on the floor and shelf area of the store. Police had Walmart security pull the video footage of the area and soon learned what had caused the bloody mess.

The video showed two men cutting open packages in the aisle and concealing the merchandise. It is believed one of them men must have cut himself while cutting open one of the packages, explaining the blood left at the scene.

The security cameras tracked them as they left the store with the $113 worth of merchandise they had stolen. They were seen getting into a Chevy Silverado.

While getting away with the theft originally, the men pushed their luck the next night and returned to the same Walmart for another crime spree. However, they were spotted and police were called. The men were caught and a search of their vehicle netted the items that had been stolen the night before. Police also found marijuana in the vehicle, bringing them each drug possession charges.

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