Thieves at the Piggly Wiggly on East Lincoln attempted a Mission Impossible style break-in, cutting holes in the roof to gain entry from above.

However, police say despite the work put into cutting several holes in the roof of the business, the thief or thieves did not gain entrance. Instead, the holes they left behind in the ceiling of the store caused flood damage.

“They came into the store in the morning and found water pouring through the roof in several places,” the police report reads, noting there were two holes found cut in the roof. “Water had leaked onto merchandise in several areas causing damage.”

Police said specifically that there were also holes cut over the office area of the business, suggesting the thief had plans to burglarize that area of the store.

Preliminary estimates of the roof damage set the loss at $1,000 prior to assessing the loss of inventory due to water damage.

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