Tullahoma High School officials placed the school on a “soft lockdown” this morning at about 9:45 a.m. due to an “anonymous information concerning a potential threat to the school.”

However, after a sweep from both THS administration officials and Tullahoma Police Department personnel, “nothing unusual” was found in the building.

School officials said any comments or questions concerning the announcement should contact of the three assistant principals by phone or by email.

The three assistant principals at THS are Greg English, Amy Sisk and Shari Zimmerman. They can be reached by phone at 454-2620 or by email at greg.english@tcsedu.net, amy.sisk@tcsedu.net and shari.zimmerman@tcsedu.net.

According to Tullahoma Police Chief Jason Williams the lockdown was merely a double check of the school's security systems and was not the result of a report of suspicious individuals in the building, as was circulating on social media.

Rather, he suspected citizens were conflating an incident that happened Wednesday afternoon just before the school let out for the day.

"We did get a call [Wednesday] as school was getting ready to let out on some suspicious juveniles," Williams told The News. "The juveniles from [Wednesday] were cited for trespassing...and then released to their parents."

Williams reiterated that there was no one suspicious in the building Thursday morning and the soft lockdown was just to allow school officials to re-check security measures.

Hargrove sent further information on the Feb. 19 incident to The News Thursday afternoon.

According to Hargrove, THS personnel "confronted three unknown teenage boys" who were seen on campus "attempting to access the building."

"THS personnel detained the teens and contacted the Tullahoma Police Department," Hargrove said in an email statement. "TPD questioned the boys and discovered they were students at Shelbyville Central High School. All three were arrested and charged with trespassing."

The full statement from school officials regarding the lockdown can be seen below:

 Erin McCullough may be reached at emccullough@tullahomanews.com.

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