*WARNING* Some foul language used

Tullahoma High School students gathered before school Friday, Aug. 6 to protest the school's dress code, which they claimed was being enforced in a discriminating fashion.

Students held signs and chanted "Education over discrimination" as they marched back and forth in front of the school. Some students dressed in a manner that would be considered against the dress code at THS.

According to some students, between 30 to 50 students had been flagged for dress code violations before the first two days of school were completed.

THS Principal Jason Quick and THS officials altered the school's dress code slightly in reaction to complaints about it--specifically on the prohibition of holes in jeans. Whereas before the school did not allow any holes or frays in the jeans, now the dress code states holes and/or frays in students' jeans must not be higher than the student's longest fingertip when placed against the student's side.

THS SRO Willie Young provided traffic cover for the protest as a precaution.

(Video by Staff Writer Erin McCullough)