Two forces of the school system are teaming up to put on the latest Tullahoma High School Transition Fair, school officials announced.

According to Kristi Fruechtl, the transition case manager for THS, this year’s transition fair will be held on Saturday, April 27, during the third TCS Parent Summit at East Middle School.

The transition fair will take place from 10 to 11:30 a.m., during the first portion of the parent summit, Fruechtl said. The summit itself will continue until 1 p.m.

The transition fair is an annual opportunity for students and parents to be put into contact with resources and agencies that can support and ease a student’s transition from high school to adult life, Fruechtl said.

The idea of combining the two events was a collaborative effort, Fruechtl said. She called Kim Adkins, who coordinates the parent summits, and suggested the two happen at the same time in order to get more people connected with the resources they need to help themselves or their children transition away from Tullahoma High School. Adkins felt the idea had merit, Fruechtl said, and so the two joined forces.

Though Fruechtl has a strong relationship with the population of THS students with special needs, she said the transition fair isn’t just for those with disabilities or special needs. Instead, the fair is designed to connect a number of student populations with any kind of resource they need coming out of their time at THS.

“We’ll have vendors and resources – community resources and state resources – to link parents and students who are transitioning from student to adult life,” she said. Those resources include post-secondary schooling options like Motlow State Community College or the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Shelbyville, as well as workforce options like employment opportunities through Staffing Solutions and the American Job Center.

Other vendors include Vocational Rehabilitation Center and the Tullahoma Housing Authority, Fruechtl said.

In combining the two events, Fruechtl said she and Adkins hope to be able to increase attendance for both of them.

The transition fair is typically held during a night when parent-teacher conferences take place, which may preclude some parents from attending, either due to work obligations or other conflicts.

 “We were thinking that maybe parents who couldn’t make it to the parent-teacher conferences and the transition fair, because those are in the evenings, may be able to make it on a Saturday morning,” Fruechtl said.

While all parents are invited and encouraged to attend both the summit and the transition fair, parents of students with disabilities or special needs are one of the target audiences for each event.

 “People with disabilities often need more resources, more services than people who don’t have them, so we try to provide all of those things,” Fruechtl said of the transition fair.

The last successful transition fair saw about 25 parents come in for information for their children, Fruechtl said, though she hopes combining the fair with the parent summit will see that number double.

Hopefully, she said, she can give as many parents as possible the needed information to make their children’s lives after high school as successful as possible.

All those who would like to attend the parent summit and transition fair are asked to register ahead of the event if at all possible, though day-of registration will be available. A free breakfast and catered lunch will be provided for those who attend the full summit at East. Child care will be available for those who attend.

For more information about the parent summit or to register, contact Adkins at 931-454-2639.

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