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Tullahoma Utilities Authority has approved plans to operate on a $49 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget covers all of the utility authority’s four departments, which include electric, water, sewer and fiber – the in-house term for the LightTube telephone, cable television and internet service.

At its May 24 meeting, the TUA Board of Directors unanimously approved a $49,708,264 operating budget for FY23. According to the budget documents, TUA anticipates expenses totaling $48,521,009 along with the $49,708,264 in revenue.

The largest component of the budget is the electric budget, which TUA anticipates to be $32,807,600. The remainder of the budget consists of the water, sewer and fiber departments, where those departments anticipate $5,437,464, $4,779,700 and $6,683,500 in revenue, respectively.

The budget includes equipment purchases for the electric, water and sewer department, as well as maintenance, supplies, education-training, capital projects and employee payroll and benefits.