The Tullahoma Utilities Authority received a perfect score on a recent sanitary survey performed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Resources (DWR).

A memo on the subject states DWR personnel visited the TUA water system on June 19 to perform a survey of the system.

The survey consisted of a review of records “to document the operational performance of the system,” as well as an on-site inspection of the water distribution system.

According to the memo, the survey looked at records from July, 6, 2017, to June 19 of this year.

The memo states TUA earned 421 points out of a possible 421 points for a 100% score, and allows TUA to retain its status as an “approved” category water system in the eyes of the state.

According to TUA Vice President of Water and Wastewater Scott Young, the DWR looks at “everything” the water department does, from records to sampling to the water tanks, though they mostly look at the records TUA keeps.

“Mostly it’s records,” he said of the survey. “We have to keep records of all our repairs, all our taps, all our chlorine samples – we have to keep precise records of everything. They go through that and make sure kept them properly.”

According to Young, TUA has gotten a perfect score on the survey in the past, though it’s been “a few years” since they last had a 100.

“We typically get in the high 90s for sure,” he said.

TUA also had a water loss percentage of 15%, according to the memo, which is just “unaccounted for water,” according to Young.

This loss typically comes from leaks or the annual flushes TUA performs, he said. It can also come from firefighting efforts, he added.

A 15% loss is lower than many systems have, according to TUA President Brian Skelton.

“We know some water systems that are above 30%,” Skelton said.

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