Tullahoma Utilities Authority (TUA) will be purchasing a replacement screw pump for Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) from Motion Industries of Tullahoma at a cost of $61,325.65 after a proposal was unanimously approved at last week’s regular meeting. 

Screw pump #2 at WWTP was originally installed in 1994. Screw pump #1 was replaced in 2007.

In September, the TUA Board approved the purchase from Lakeside equipment. However, when they submitted the order, the company informed the board that their quote had expired and the price increased significantly. In the meantime, two other quotes were received from Motion Industries and Schreiber Corporation. Schreiber Corporation was the highest quote received because they offered a different design and included complete change-out of motor, bearings, mounts, lubricators, etc. TUA already planned on doing some of the change-outs anyway, but Schreiber was an overall higher quote.

TUA has previously purchased small screw conveyors manufactured by KWS and supplied by Motion Industries of Tullahoma for their grit removal equipment and have been satisfied with doing business with the company. KWS recently visited WWTP, took measurements, reviewed the specifications, and is certain they can manufacturer this equipment to equal the original. The company has made similar equipment for other facilities successfully in the past. The price includes an inspection trip by Bryan Gordon to their manufacturing facility in Texas to inspect and screw for compliance prior to shipment.

In addition to the screw, Motion Industries has indicated that they can rebuild the existing top bearing for the screw pump to as new condition at a cost of $8,568 instead of $23,031 for a new one from Lakeside. To keep the existing screw in service, TUA will send them an old bearing from the last change-out they did for the rebuild.

TUA will also be purchasing other equipment to complete the refurbishment of this screw pump. This will renew the pump properly and also give TUA spare parts in case of failures in the future. Chattanooga Industrial Motors will provide a new motor, gearbox, guards, mounts, bears, etc. for approximately $4,000. TUA will have to purchase a new lower bearing from Lakeside Equipment for about $13,000 since there is no other source available.

Overall, TUA intends to purchase the new screw and have the upper bearing rebuilt from Motion Industries of Tullahoma, representing KWS Manufacturing of Burleson, Texas, for a total price of $61,325. The motor, gearbox, and appurtenances will be purchased from Chattanooga Industrial Motors for approximately $28,000. Motor VFD will be purchased locally from Randolph Electronics for approximately $4,000. Lower bearing assembly will be purchased from Lakeside Equipment for approximately $13,000.

The total price is approximately $106,500, not including crane rental to install the 66” screw as well as other minor parts and supplies. TUA originally budgeted $170,000 for this project.

Katelyn Lawson may be reached at klawson@tullahomanews.com

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